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Who We Are


Every individual within the Group has played a valuable part in making Terra the company it is today. Together, we hope to continue growing our success for generations to come.






18.7 Bn

total assets


244.3 M

group profit


hectares of freehold land


sectors of activity


A vision is what we see when we look ahead. It’s our view of the world as we would like it to be. When we look to the future, we see a world in which Development is Sustainable. Where every individual has the opportunity to succeed, without compromising the needs of the next generation. Where natural resources are used responsibly and efficiently and the ongoing development of society and the environment are kept in balance.


A purpose defines why we are here. It’s the raison d’être that motivates the contribution we make towards our vision. Our purpose is to Cultivate Resources for a Better Future. As a diversified investment holding Group, our objective is to maintain sustainability across all sectors. We aim to protect and enhance the resources of our natural and commercial environments, while ensuring the continuing development of the people who inhabit them.







Respect defines the way we relate to people in our Group and the community.
Tenacity encourages us to work towards perfection through every endeavour.
Integrity guides our every action.
Passion gives us the strength and enthusiasm to contribute always with commitment.
Innovation inspires us to advance by taking the initiative.



Board of Directors

  1. Alain Rey
  2. Alain Rey

    Non-Executive Chairman – First appointed to the Board 2016

    BSc (Hons) in Economics (London)
    Member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales

    Manager at Citibank NA (Paris): 1986-1988

    Financial Director and General Manager in the Mauritian textile industry: 1988-2005

    Regional Corporate Director at Barclays Bank in Mauritius: 2005-2006

    Chief Executive Officer of Compagnie Sucrière de Mont Choisy: 2007-2015

    Board member at Afrasia Bank: 2006-2009 and at The State Bank of Mauritius: 2009-2015

    Current outside directorships of listed and non-listed companies:

    • CIEL Textile Ltd
    • MCB Group Ltd
    • New Mauritius Hotels Ltd
    • Quantum Ltd
    • Precigraph Ltée
    • MCB Microfinance Ltd
  3. Maurice de Marassé Enouf
  4. Maurice de Marassé Enouf

    Non-Executive Director – First appointed to the Board 2007

    Former member of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (UK)
    Former member of the Mauritius Institute of Professional Accountants

    Senior Audit Clerk at De Chazal Du Mée (Chartered Accountants): 1963-1972

    Group Internal Audit Manager at Flacq United Estates: 1973-1982

    Group Accountant for Medine S.E: 1983-1984

    Chief Accountant and Finance Manager of the WEAL Group: 1984-2001

    Self-employed since 2002

    Directorships of listed companies:

    • Innodis Ltd
    • Mauritius Oil Refineries Ltd
  5. Dominique de Froberville
  6. Dominique de Froberville

    Non-Executive Director – First appointed to the Board 2003 and reappointed in 2010

    Maîtrise en Chimie Industrielle (France); MBA (England)

    Production Manager in the paint and optical industries: 1985-1988

    Manager of two textile groups: 1988-2000

    Director of Operations and then Chief Executive Officer at Mauritius Freeport Development: 2001 to date.

  7. Alexis Harel
  8. Alexis Harel

    Executive Director – First appointed to the Board 1999

    BSc, Business Administration (USA)

    Auditor and Trainer at De Chazal Du Mée (Chartered Accountants): 1985-1986

    General Manager at Elastico Ltd: 1986-1988

    Director at Dataphon (Mtius) Ltd: 1988-1992

    Commercial Executive and then Managing Director at Grays: 1992 to date.

    Member of Terra’s Executive Committee

    Directorships of listed companies:

    • United Docks Ltd
  9. Didier Harel
  10. Didier Harel

    Independent Non-Executive Director – First appointed to the Board 2016

    MBA, INSEAD (Institut Européen d’Administration des Affaires)(France)
    BSc. Eng. (Hons) in Chemical Engineering and Chemical Technology (UK)

    From Sales Engineer to International Sales and Supply Coordinator at Esso in Mauritius, Reunion and UK: 1974-1988

    Managing Director of downstream subsidiaries of Total in Southern Africa and in the UK, Executive Vice-President in charge of Total’s downstream operations in East Africa, Indian and Pacific Oceans and Executive Director of Logistics of Total France: 1989-2012

    Chairman and CEO of Société Anonyme de Gestion des Stocks Stratégiques (SAGESS): 2012-2015

    Directorships of listed companies:

    • MCB Group Limited
    • Sun Ltd
  11. Henri Harel
  12. Henri Harel

    Executive Director – First appointed to the Board 1996

    ACIS (South Africa)

    Auditor at De Ravel, Boulle, Saad & Wyman (Chartered Accountants): 1981-1984

    Internal Auditor at Toyota SA Manufacturing: 1984-1988

    Financial Accountant at Amalgamated Beverage Industries (Coca-Cola South Africa): 1988-1990

    Financial Controller at Société de Gérance de Mon Loisir: 1991-1996

    Financial Controller and then Group Chief Finance Officer and Executive Committee member at Terra: 1997 to date

    Member of Terra’s Executive Committee

    Directorships of listed companies:

    • Swan General Ltd
  13. Hubert Harel
  14. Hubert Harel

    Non-Executive Director – First appointed to the Board 2012

    National Diploma in Management, Technikon, Natal (South Africa)

    Managerial positions in the textile industry in South Africa and Mauritius: 1988-2005

    Managing Director of Standard Labels Ltd: 2005 to date

    Director of The Mount Sugar Estates Company Ltd: 2008-2010

    Currently serves as director on several domestic and offshore company boards

  15. Nicolas Maigrot
  16. Nicolas Maigrot

    Managing Director – First appointed to the Board 2016

    BSc Management Sciences (London)

    From Management Controller to Chief Executive Officer at Floreal Knitwear and Ciel Textile: 1989-2010

    Chief Executive Officer of Ireland Blyth: 2010-2015

    Managing Director of Terra: 2016 to date

    Chairman of Terra’s Executive Committee

    Directorships of listed companies:

    • Swan General Ltd
    • United Docks Ltd
  17. Nikhil Treebhoohun
  18. Nikhil Treebhoohun

    Independent Non-Executive Director – First appointed to the Board 2014

    BSc (Hons) Economics, Industry and Trade (UK)
    Postgraduate Diplomas in Financial Management (Australia) and in Development Planning Techniques (Netherlands)
    Fellow of the World Academy of Productivity Science

    Teacher in Economics at secondary level: 1978-1981

    Senior positions at Ministry of Economic Planning and Development and Ministry of Industry: 1981-1987

    Lecturer in Economics at the University of Mauritius: 1987-1989

    Projects Manager at the Industrial and Vocational Training Board: 1989-1992

    Director of the Export Processing Zone Development Authority: 1992-2000

    Executive Director of the National Productivity and Competitiveness Council (NPCC): 2000-2005

    Adviser and Head of the Trade Section of the Commonwealth Secretariat: 2005-2011

    Chairman of Oxford International Consultants (Mauritius): 2011

    Chief Executive Officer of Global Finance Mauritius: 2011-2014

    Directorships of listed companies:

    • National Investment Trust Ltd
  19. Alain Vallet
  20. Alain Vallet

    Executive Director – First appointed to the Board 1992

    Advanced Certificate in Business Studies (London)

    Manager at Hamarel Distribution Ltd: 1979-1982

    From Marketing Executive for wine and spirits to Chief Executive Officer at Grays: 1982-1992

    Managing Director at Grays and member of the Executive Committee of Terra: 1993-2016

    Served with a number of private sector institutions, such as the Mauritius Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the Association of Mauritian Manufacturers and the Mauritius Employers Federation

  21. Margaret Chui Puing Wong Ping Lun
  22. Margaret Chui Puing Wong Ping Lun

    Independent Non-Executive Director – First appointed to the Board 2012

    Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales
    BA Honours in Business Studies (London)

    Manager of the Consultancy Department of De Chazal Du Mée, Chartered Accountants: 1985-1990

    Lecturer in Accounting and Finance at the University of Mauritius: 1991 to date

    She was a member of the Listing Executive Committee of the Stock Exchange of Mauritius

    Directorship of listed companies:

    • MCB Group Limited

Executive Team



Victor, Pierre and Eugène Harel acquired the sugar estate of Belle Vue in the Pamplemousses district. This acquisition marks the beginning of the Harel Frères group


Acquisition of a majority stake in The Labourdonnais S.E Co. Ltd


Creation of Société Harel Frères by the children of Nemours Harel, son of Victor Harel


Acquisition of Solitude Sugar Estate


Acquisition of shares in the Mauritius OK Distillery Co. Ltd (now Terra Brands Ltd)


Acquisition of The Beau Plan S.E. Co Ltd and La Nouvelle Industrie Limitée


Incorporation of Harel Frères Limited (now Terragri Ltd) and acquisition of the assets of Société Harel Frères


Incorporation of The Mauritius O.K. Bottling Plant Ltd (now Grays)


Manufacturing of the first specialty sugar at Solitude


Introduction of Harel Frères at the Stock Exchange of Mauritius Ltd


Incorporation of Compagnie Thermique de Belle Vue Limitée (now Terragen Ltd)


Investment in Sucrivoire


Incorporation of Sugarworld Ltd


Creation of a Corporate Social Responsability Committee (CSR)


The Beau Plan Business Park is born under the leadership of Sagiterra Ltée


Amalgamation of The Mount S.E. Co Ltd and The St André S.E. Co Ltd


Rebranding of Harel Frères to become Terra


Terra celebrating 175 years of its origins


Terra listed in the SEMSI


New Terra head office at Beau Plan


Creation of Novaterra


Terra celebrating 180 years